What is a Cooperative Preschool?

A cooperative preschool is organized and administered by the parents and operated under the direction of a trained teacher. Its success depends on the colaborative efforts of all members. A co-op operates most effectively when parents and the teacher work together by pooling their intelligence and resources to the best advantage of the children.Girls

Parents are an integral part of the school, giving their time and talents by serving as officers or on committees, as parent-helpers in the classroom, by participating in fundraising activities and by attending monthly general meetings. Parents of enrolled children shall be members of Mt. Tabor Preschool, Inc., which has been in continuous operation since 1951. Mt. Tabor Preschool is a member of Parent Child Preschools of Oregon (PCPO).


We have a few openings left in our Senior (age 4 by September 1st) 2014-2015 class. For more information or to apply, please contact our membership coordinator or call 503.914.1988.

School Philosophy

Mt. Tabor Preschool is a developmental, cooperative preschool. We believe that each child develops at a different rate physically, socially and intellectually. We endeavor to provide a wide variety of experiences to accommodate the children’s interests and needs as individuals and as a group. Experiences are provided to stimulate socialization skills and promote self-esteem.

Mt Tabor Preschool SignParental support and education are important aspects of preschool. A cooperative preschool gives parents an opportunity to participate in activities with their child.

Enrollment Information

Mt. Tabor Preschool is open to children during the two years prior to their eligibility for public schools. The junior class is open to children turning three years of age prior to September 1st. The senior class is open to children turning four years of age prior to September 1st.

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Parent Involvement

The success of a co-op preschool depends on parental involvement. Parents are not only responsible for raising money for the school but for handling its day-to-day operations. Without their efforts, the school could not continue to exist. Each parent is counted on to contribute in five basic areas:


  • Tuition
  • Fundraising
  • Parent-helping
  • Preschool "jobs"
  • General membership meetings

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Member Handbook

Learn more about Mt. Tabor Preschool's philosophy and curriculum in our Member Handbook.

Teacher Amy

Amy Jacobson is our teacher for both preschool classes. Amy's background includes education in Early Childhood Education, Child & Family Studies, and Sociology. She has taught preschool children since 1996 including five years at the nationally accredited Helen Gordon Child Development Center at Portland State University. Amy has also worked as a nanny and with young children in other capacities.

Amy has taught at MTCP since 2004, and was a co-op parent as well when her daughter attended the school. She has come to love the co-op model, and enjoys working more closely with families than in a "traditional" preschool.

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“I hope that you will come to value the connectedness that comes from working in your child's classroom.”

–Amy Jacobson, Jr & Sr Teacher