School Philosophy

As parents and educators, we trust children to know what they need and are ready for developmentally. Children are first-hand learners—they learn by doing, and use their senses to explore their world. We strive to provide children with a wide variety of opportunities and experiences to support and enhance the natural interests and curiosities that grow from within them. If we provide the following, children will learn, grow, and develop in all areas necessary for them to progress naturally:

  • An interesting and stimulating environment;
  • An emotionally safe place where children feel comfortable and free to ask
    questions, take risks, make mistakes, and try new things;
  • Materials and activities which provide opportunities for exploration and
  • Time to play, time to be active, time to sing, time to dance, time to slow down and take it all in, time to be cuddled and read to, time to be alone, and time to be with the group;
  • Supportive, compassionate and understanding adults who really listen and provide encouragement, when needed, to overcome challenges and frustrations; and,
  • A time, place, and a supportive community where it’s all about being a little kid.

Within our school, we strive to create a safe and nurturing place where each person is treated fairly and with respect. Our primary goal is for each child to have a positive early education experience in which she/he may gain the skills and confidence necessary to build friendships, work autonomously and collaboratively, and feel a sense of belonging. The emphasis is not on “school readiness”, but rather on working with children where they are now in their development. Our hope is that the children will find joy in learning and being together that will stay in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

Parental support and education are important aspects of our preschool. A cooperative preschool provides parents with opportunities to participate with, to observe, and to learn about their child. We hope that as the children learn new skills and progress developmentally, that you will also experience growth as a parent.

You will hear it said again and again, “You get out of it what you put into it.”