Parent Involvement

The success of a co-op preschool depends on parental involvement.

The six main responsibilities of parents involve tuition, fundraising, parent-helping, preschool “jobs”, “community hours,” and attending general membership meetings.


Parents are expected to pay the monthly tuition, which is due by the first day of each month, and considered past due by the tenth. An annual insurance payment is collected in early September that covers insurance premiums for the year. The tuition amounts are determined in April when the budget is planned for the following year. Monthly tuition rates are based on a sliding scale contingent upon a family’s income level relative to the median household income for a family of four in Portland. For the 2022-23 school year, those options are $179/269 a month for Juniors, $271/407 a month for Seniors and $410/615 a month for Pre-K students. For more information on our sliding scale system, please visit  our tuition page.


Fundraising is a necessary part of parental involvement in the preschool. Our fundraising activities in the past few years have included the sale of Chinook Books in the fall and an auction in the spring. The dollars raised through these activities allow us to keep our tuition rates relatively low.


Each school day two to three parents help in the classroom. One parent provides a fruit or vegetable snack for all the children, and one provides a carbohydrate or protein snack. The parent-helpers arrive early to help set up the room and then stay after class to clean up. Parent-helping duties are equally shared among the families, which works out to be approximately once every three weeks.

Parents will be required to attend a parent-helper training session in early September to become familiar with the routine and location of supplies, etc.

Preschool Jobs

Each family in the preschool has a job that it performs to keep it running smoothly. Each family is assigned one job, which can include board positions such as secretary and treasurer, as well as non-board positions such as event coordinators. Each member family will be provided a description of its assigned job and notified when the job selection process begins in the spring.

Parents can give input to the board as to the type of job and amount of responsibility they feel comfortable with. The board will do all it can to accommodate individuals’ skills and comfort areas when making job assignments.

Community Hours

In addition to their job assignment, each family is required to contribute a minimum of 3 hours of service per year to one or more of the following committees or areas: fundraising/auction, deep cleaning, gardening, outdoor/classroom (e.g. cleaning fridge as needed), recruitment/open house, event set-up/clean-up, changing the Dramatic Play Area, errands and/or odds and ends as requested by Teacher Amy. These community hours provide another opportunity for parent involvement and help ensure that work is equally distributed amongst all Mt. Tabor Preschool families.

General Membership Meetings

General membership meetings are held monthly (except for December and January). The first General meeting in September will be an orientation meeting and both parents need to attend. Thereafter only one parent from each family is required to attend. The meetings are necessary to conduct preschool business and provide parent education.