Every child is unique and develops at their own rate. Early childhood is a critical period of development in which children gain the skills they need to be successful in the rest of their education. For some kids, this can mean they may benefit from a gentler introduction to school. Whether a child is “young for their grade”, or might need more time to develop in certain areas, we will meet them where they are and guide them forward.

Our half day, afternoon Pre-K program is developmentally appropriate and play based featuring:

  • hands on, experiential learning opportunities
  • a bright, safe, and healthy environment in which to play and learn
  • a small class size (max of 12)
  • classes will be Tuesday – Friday from 1:00 – 4:00pm, September through May
  • daily parent involvement in the classroom
  • curriculum designed around children’s interests and around constructivist teaching practices which encourage them to predict, explore, and experiment
  • short periods of small group instruction with our teacher (in groups of 6)
  • a professional early childhood teacher with more than twenty years teaching 3-6 year old children
  • extracurricular classes before school such as Soccer Shots and art classes with Vibe of Portland

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