Teacher Philosophy

As a teacher of young children, I strive to provide developmentally appropriate programs in a warm, supportive, and respectful environment. In our classroom, children are given opportunities
to grow and learn cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically, both as individuals and as members of a group. I base my philosophy upon the concept that children construct knowledge through their interactions with both the physical and social world. I feel that my role as a teacher
is to responsively and thoughtfully facilitate children’s interactions with their environment, and with others.

My broad, long term goals include helping children to:
● Become increasingly autonomous and independent, developing self-discipline and
thoughtful, responsible judgment;
● Feel competent and productive, having positive self-esteem and a sense of self-worth;
● Develop responsibility for their own mental and physical health and well being;
● Recognize and appreciate the riches human differences bring to our world;
● Discover and value their individual gifts and creative talents, and
● Develop higher moral reasoning and the ability to understand natural consequences through the construction of an internalized code of ethics and principles.

Another part of my role as the teacher is to assist children in the development of skills needed to relate to peers and others in appropriate, constructive, and emotionally respectful ways. I work to help children develop the confidence and ability to work out their own solutions to problems. My hope is that each child will grow in their capacity for self-discipline, their ability to empathize with and advocate for others, and in their ability to internalize appropriate behavior for themselves.

In acknowledging that parents, as the primary educators of their child, are the most important source of information concerning their child, I invite open, thoughtful communication between home, school, and the community. I respect and believe in each child as a unique individual with the ability to construct knowledge about his or herself, others, and the world around them through active learning. I strive to promote growth in all areas of development for all children by providing them with meaningful opportunities to interact, experiment, explore, question, and play.

Amy Watson