These are a few quotes from current and past parents of the Mt. Tabor Preschool community.

“We’ve put all four of our children through this wonderful preschool. It’s a truly amazing place full of love, laughter, learning and fun!”

“Mt. Tabor Preschool is the best kick off to the school years that I could imagine for my kiddo. Fun and positive, with a strong emphasis on exploration and compassion, this is what learning ought to be all about.”

“[My 4 year old daughter] is on her second year and has many friends who also play outside of class. Since it is a co-op the parents all help run it…so it’s been great for extending our community of friends.”

“Our son had a difficult time transitioning from staying home with mommy to playing in a classroom setting. MTP has an open door policy, which allowed me to be present while our boy was adjusting…Teacher Amy is amazing and seems to know how each child works…She is the toddler whisperer…Since we are a coop, every parent cares about the school and the kids in it. We have found a wonderful sense of community and support at MTP.”

“It’s…parent-run, and the kids learn first hand in their earliest social setting how to help each other and build a community.”

“Teacher Amy is amazing at dealing with my kiddo! She has really helped him develop social skills and a variety of interests. He has had the opportunity to try out Soccer, Yoga, and Art through related after school programs.”

“…this is our third year attending with our second child. Teacher Amy has a wealth of love and experience. She can turn your shy, and quiet 3 year old child into a determined and fully capable kindergartener before your eyes.”